Marches Pottery

Marches Pottery has been at 45 Mill Street since 1982. The pottery shop at the front of the property displays the work of potter, Andrew Crouch. Behind the shop space and visible through a large window is his studio space, and further back beyond his studio through one of Ludlow’s hidden garden spaces is his firing studio; home to his kilns.

Andrew trained at Bath Academy of Art and his practice is hand thrown reduction-fired stoneware; to the non-pottery-term-literate this means that all of his pieces are thrown on his potter’s wheel before being kiln fired (for the second firing in an open flame kiln). He produces functional ceramics and tableware, from cups and saucers to bowls plates, pitchers and jugs. All are distinctive stylish pieces in 3 main glaze colours: tenmoku (brown), celadon (pale green) and white.

Alongside his own work, Andrew also stocks a small range of pieces by other local craftspeople, ceramics by Mark Griffiths, wood bowls by Paul Caton and woven textiles by Alison Morton. All complement the aesthetic of Andrew’s own work; consistent craftsmanship which is beautifully displayed.

Marches Pottery

45 Mill Street



01584 878 413

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