The Fish House





The Fish House stands plum at the top of the Bullring at the nexus of Corve, Old, King and Tower streets meaning that it is passed by almost everyone who visits Ludlow.

For a town with a reputation for food Ludlow was, until the opening of the Fish House, without a fixed fishmonger. Louise Hackney and her partner Andy spotted this obvious gap in Ludlow’s food offering and were in the right position to open the Fish House in September 2010. Fishmongering is in Louise’s family – they have been involved in the trade since 1946 and Louise is thus the third generation of the family to be involved, with the fourth snapping at her heels. The fish at Louise’s shop is delivered fresh every morning and represents the best of what is available that day – some days you can find cod cheeks alongside more familiar whole fish and crustacea, on other days there will be herrings with their roe. As well as fresh fish and seafood, The Fish House also sells smoked fish (some of it from Ludlow Smokehouse) roll mop herrings, potted shrimps and homemade fish pies.

As well as the fresh fish counter you can eat in at The Fish House – the small menu gives the option to sample some of the finest fresh offerings – oysters, dressed crab, smoked mackerel and salmon, some of it served with bread from Swifts and also available are matched wines supplied by Bentleys.

Not one to sit still Louise also runs an occasional fish school for those nervous about either preparing or cooking fish and seafood; they also offer an Oyster event catering provision where they can install an oyster bar at an event and bring the performance and great taste of freshly shucked oysters to a party or wedding. Coming soon you will also be able to order fish online through Louise and her partner Andy’s GymFish business.

*Please note The Fish House is now owned and run by James Stanton

The Fish House

Tolsey House

51 Bullring




Open Wednesday – Friday 9-5, Saturday 9-4

01584 879790


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