Harp Lane Deli

Harp Lane Deli is one of the most recent additions to Ludlow’s independent retail offering; it opened in July 2014 on the site that had been previously occupied by Deli On The Square. It is a family business run by Henry and Hannah Mackley together with their friends Lydia and Robbie Underhill.

Henry has what we might describe as ‘form’ when it comes to the Ludlow food scene. He used to run a company and market stall under the name Smith & Monger, ran the deli at the Ludlow Food Centre before opening Harp Lane Deli, writes a weekly column on food (theoretically) in the South Shropshire Journal and also is co-host of the Marches Supper Society.

Cheese is one of the big offerings at Harp Lane Deli, they have an impressive refrigerated wall of cheese at the back of the shop, as is the quality coffees they make both to drink in and take away. Another of their biggest sellers are the Portugese Pasteis de Nata – or just Nata if you’re feeling familiar – a sweeter version of a custard tart but with flaky pastry. Throughout their range of stock they aim to offer quality ingredients and products about which they are knowledgable.

The kitchen above the shop also makes a large number of the deli offerings, from a daily salad which might be couscous, harissa and roast vegetables or may be Thai noodle salad, to tarts, frittatas, jambon persille and damson friands. Also upstairs is a small dining room that can be hired for private lunches and suppers.

Harp Lane Deli

4 Church Street



01584 877 353



Open Monday – Saturday


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