loyalty card

‘Only in Ludlow’ Loyalty Card

Support your local independent shops and have a chance of winning a unique ‘Only in Ludlow’ gift hamper.   Pick up a free loyalty card, fill in your personal details and present it every time you spend over £1 in a participating shop. Once you have obtained 20 stamps hand it in at your nearest participating shop to go into the hamper draw. The draw will take place quarterly in the following months: March, June, September and December.


Why shop local?

Good for the local economy. Research indicates that for every pound spent with a local business, 63p stays within the local economy, compared to 40p with a national chain;

Good for the environment. Local shops sell products from local farmers, producers and crafts people, therefore the delivery journey is shorter and has a smaller carbon footprint;

Good for the community. Shops are a valuable part of your community. Take the time to shop and get to know shopkeepers and fellow customers. Catch up on friends and meet new people;

Good for you. Locally-produced food will be fresher, more seasonal and you will know where it comes from;

Find something a bit different. Enjoy the experience of visiting a variety of shops all offering something distinct or unusual.


The ‘Only in Ludlow’ loyalty card is supported by Ludlow Chamber of Commerce.

Only In Ludlow celebrates the independent traders that make Ludlow, Shropshire an exciting market town. We also operate an ‘Only In Ludlow’ loyalty card. This website contains details of the card scheme and is also a growing online catalogue of the shops that make up our town; from those that have been here for generations to those that are new to our streets and lanes. The only consideration in their being on this website is that they have just one store, they are not part of a chain of shops and thus can be found . . . Only In Ludlow.


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