Gallery 131

Gallery 131 is one of the newest retail ventures in Ludlow – occupying the address, 131 Corve Street that was most recently home to Material before the decided to concentrate on their London store. It now houses an ever varying stock of objects that have been found by the shops two business partners, Tony Wise and James Miles.

Tony and James both have many years expertise and experience in their chose field of design and antiques. James specialises in a slightly early period of work – Arts and Crafts – whereas Tony’s passion is for more mid-century to 70s pieces. None of these dates are exclusive though – as Tony says of the shop it is a collection of good objects, paintings and sculpture and if the item is good it will often sit easily (and stylishly) alongside other good items. James and Tony have previously shown their stock at fairs and exhibitions and Gallery 131 is their first retail space. Because all the pieces (from studio pottery to furniture) are one off you are always going to find new pieces in their shop; Tony showed me his personal highlights from their current stock when I was there – including a plaster work sculpture by Frederick Leslie Kennett dating from the 1960s and a Brian Bradshaw painting.

Opening hours

Monday – by appointment
Tuesday-Saturday: 10 – 5

131 Corve Street
01584 875 146

131 011 131 010 131 009 131 008 131 007 131 006 131 005 131 003 131 002 131 01

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