S C Price & Sons

S C Prices the bakers is an old fashioned family business in all the right ways – celebrating 70 years of ownership in the same family in 2013 and currently on the 3rd generation, with the fourth often found helping out front of house as well. On top of this constant ownership the core skills have been continually passed down through the family resulting in their being crowned with the honour of winning best speciality loaf for their seeded sourdough at the recent Bread Industry Awards. The shop is located on the main square in Ludlow with the purpose built bakery standing behind the shop. The breadth of their product range and the sheer number of loaves that they bake is outstanding: on a regular weekend they make 2000 loaves across 25 different breads.

The bread baked at Price & Sons is made from a long fermentation base dough, resulting in a tastier loaf. One of their speciality breads is sourdough, available in various permutation including the award winning seeded option but also with pear and perry; the brown sourdough is the house bread at the fantastic Green Café in Ludlow. As well as supplying Clive Davis at that restaurant Price & Sons also supply a number of other Ludlow cafes and restaurants with their bread including The Marches, Dinham Hall and the Olive Branch. The circular local network also means that much of the core ingredients of their bread are also sourced locally; flours from Bacheldre Mill and Shipton Mill, vegetables from Farmers, meat from Andrew Francis, beer from Ludlow Brewery and perry from Oliver’s ciders. As well as breads Prices also sell a range of sweet baked goods and sandwiches and pizza for the lunchtime peckish. If you are inspired by their breads you can also learn to make your own at the regular bread-making courses that they run both in the bakery in Ludlow and at Acton Scott Museum.


S C Price & Sons

7 Castle Street




01584 872 815


Monday-Saturday 9-5 except on Thursday when they close at 4.

IMG_3553 IMG_3545 IMG_3546 IMG_3547 IMG_3548 IMG_3549 IMG_3544IMG_3550 IMG_3551 IMG_3552   IMG_3555 IMG_3556


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