Bentley’s wine shop is located right on Castle Square in Ludlow and was opened in 2005 by Will Bentley and his family. Bentley’s prides itself on the expertise and knowledge of its staff, all of whom are WSET (wine and spirits education trust) trained. Will is often on the shop floor himself alongside Nick, between them they know their way around all of the stock in the shop and are well placed to offer suggestions. Nick used to work as a chef and Bentleys are particularly good at wine and food matching. So, if you’ve bought the base ingredients for supper from one of the butchers in Ludlow you can tell Nick or Will what it is your planning to cook and they will have a great wine suggestion to accompany it.

The speciality of the shop is the classic French wine regions – will makes yearly visits to the vineyards of France to taste and discover new producers and wines. Where they don’t have the personal expertise they have access to great contacts throughout the wine industry who will have the answer/suggestion that you are looking for. On every Saturday there is a bottle of wine open in the shop for tasting and Bentleys also run regular tutored tasting nights. As well as being able to sell you a fine bottle of wine for your supper – or indeed picnic lunch – Bentleys cater for clients wishing to invest in wine. They also supply some of Ludlow’s best restaurants, including Mr Underhills, which has a renowned wine list. Alongside the wine they also stock whisky, cognac, rum and fortified wines and sherries.


18 Castle Street, Ludlow, SY8 1AT

Open Tuesday – Thursday 10-5 and Friday – Saturday 9-5

01584 875 520

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