Mod Lang

Paul Bradshaw’s interest in music has taken him from the UK to Berkeley in the US and now back to the UK again. Mod Lang, his record shop in Wood Yard, off Corve Street is where he is now based and from where he sells (and buys) vinyl, cds, books, magazines and other vintage music ephemera. Since the demise of high street music retail it is places like Mod Lang that can really fire an interest in music. Paul set out to make Mod Lang unlike other second hand record shops, the ones where nothing is clearly priced so you have to ask the person behind the counter every five seconds. Mod Lang’s pricing is clear and Paul’s knowledge of his stock – there’s way more than just that in the shop space – is encyclopaedic. Paul’s speciality is vintage vinyl from the 1960s and 70s, from jazz to soul,  funk and rock; he jokes that he draws the line at classical music and pop music but as with antiquarian book dealers this is just because his knowledge base and his personal interests cross over and that is what he specialises in.

Paul worked for Virgin Music in their retail arm in the 1970s and it was while working from them that he moved to California where he began dealing in records and also set up a small record label. Today he sells records both from his store in Ludlow and also online on ebay where his username is modlanguk. His customers are people looking for elusive records to fill a gap in their collection, people who have rediscovered the joys of vinyl and are replacing the records that they got rid of with the advent of cds and young people who are enjoying using a turntable for the first time. Paul firmly believes in the power of music, as he says, for the price of a coffee and piece of cake you could buy a record that will change your life.

Mod Lang

Wood Yard Studio, Wood Yard, Off Corve Street, Ludlow, SY8 2PX

Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 10-4.30 and on Sunday . . . try your luck, no fixed opening hours.

07925 419 465

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